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JESUS SAVES - Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia - Porta-Posts
November 22nd, 2008
05:35 am
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JESUS SAVES - Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia
National Review Online. Kathryn Jean Lopez. Roman Catholic. Roman Catholic Church.

K-Lo at NRO is always puffing the RCC. It gits teejus. I wish NRO's resident Lutheran, Mark Hemingway, would puff Lutheranism more, over there at NRO.

RCs are familiar to me, but not from an insider's perspective. Dad was raised RC, but had gone agnostic as a teen, so it was just history to me. My cousin, Father Greg Elmer (initially just Brother Greg, a Benedictine monk) at Saint Andrew's Priory in Valyermo, Calif.  His mom, Dad's sis, my late aunt Pat. Mom's mom was a daughter of German Catholic immigrants who converted to the Episcopal Church. I met Great Grandma Gern once, when I was little.

Family, in other words.

And friends.
John Rich, in Grammar School. In 6th Grade, Tracy Heaton. At Windsor Mountain School, Celeste Sullivan, and Ria Pelletreau. College pals, among whom Bruce Schlieder went Seventh Day Adventist, yay; and John White (JW, jay dubla or jay dubya), who is now studying to be an RC Deacon, God love him. And  coming from an RC family is college friend Paul Petrie of Paul and Donna.


I was mentioning to Pam Davis the other day about how Lutherans reject the notion that the ritual of Confession is a sacrament (by Lutheranism's definition of "sacrament," which is different than the RC definition), but historically Lutheranism has a ritual of Confession that conforms to Scripture.

I guess that Baptists have formal counseling from a pastor, too.

Pastoral counseling and ritual confession are probably quite similar.

Harry Miller, who is one of our community of "comics fans who are Christian," turned from evangelical Protestantism to the Roman Catholic Church.

Bruce (and Adventism generally) is virulently anti-Catholic; and he takes Jack Chic's Alberto comic book series to be a valuable expose.

But Chick comics' anti-Catholicism so often points the finger at RC immorality.


As for me (and God bless Jack Chic; he is a godly man who had done much good with his comics), I agree with Dr. Luther who, in his letter to Erasmus, remarked that he was not concerned about sin so much as he was concerned about doctrine, that he would prefer sin run rampant and doctrine be pure than that all be virtuous and doctrine corrupted.

So, for me, the RCC's moral failures are not the real issue. It's the doctrine.

Pam's brother remarked, WRT his girl-friend being RC, that Protestant church and Roman Catholic church are pretty much the same. Pat remarked that his father-in-law bristled at that remark. Understandable. They may have surface similarities, but the substance is quite different.

The RCC differs in major ways from Protestant Christianity.
What is with the whole "ecumenical movement," that they would sacrifice doctrine for the sake of unity?


Roman Catholic Church
Get rid of these and we may be able to talk.
(The RCC will never recant the Council of Trent, so there is no likelihood of any significant conversation.)

Council of Trent
(aka works righteousness: "by works a man is justified, and not by faith only" ""If any one saith, that man is truly absolved from his sins and justified, because that he assuredly believed himself absolved and justified; or, that no one is truly justified but he who believes himself justified; and that, by this faith alone, absolution and justification are effected; let him be anathema.)

Papal Infallibility ex cathedra
No. It is "Scripture Alone," my friends.

Immaculate Conception
This is another extra-Biblical doctrine.

Apocrypha as Canon / Purgatory / Indulgences (They are all connected.)

Praying to Mary / Praying to Saints

The notion that a priest must absolve a sinner of his sins for the sinner to receive salvation:
The formula of absolution has the priest saying, "I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." The priest is forgiving sin. The priest is acting in the place of Christ.

Yes, Christ forgives your sin; but clergy can only assure you that Christ extends that forgiveness.
Clegy cannot forgive sins against God.
Only God can forgive sins against God.

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Date:November 22nd, 2008 03:46 pm (UTC)

Not sure I could out do K-Lo...

... but I'll try and mention Lutheranism a bit more.


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