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FunnyBooks_and_LordJesus. What a ministry! A little over a couple of decades ago I became a comics lettercol letterhack, and I generally inserted  in my locs unattributed passages from scripture, and or references to the Lord or the faith, along with some morally or politically (or both) conservative comments about some storyline.

That got me (along with a bunch of nasty anonymous phone calls and letters) invited to participate in Alpha Omega, and I met Don Ensign, whose ministry witnessing Christ to the world of comics had been ongoing for some time, then; and still is today. I got to know a great bunch of evangelical Protestant Christians whose confessional witness dovetailed my own. (No Lutherans [sigh], much less LC-MS; but all Bible-believing; and no RCs [pardon my redundancy].) And they were all a bunch of fanboys, like me!

It was like coming home.

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