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August 28th, 2006
09:31 pm
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I was looking through my copy of Randall Scott's Gaylord DuBois Account Books Sorted by Title, going through the Lone Ranger listings, and I found this on page 51:

Young Hawk Finds World Below. 16p. For Young Hawk one-shot, 1954. Sent November 22, 1953.

"World Below," plus the date, suggested to me it might have transformed into Turok #1, so I checked Grand Comic Book Database's (GCD) Four Color Comic (FC) #596 listing.

Turok and the World Below
(Sequence 1 , 16 pages )
? (Script)

Yup, same story title, same page count.

So, now there is a writer credit.

Looking further in the Gaylord Du Bois (GDB) book, one entry after the next, I find the following...

Young Hawk Conquers the Terrible Ones. 18p. For Young Hawk one-shot, 1954. Sent December 14, 1953.

The GCD entry FC-596...

Turok and the Terrible Ones
(Sequence 2 , 18 pages )
? (Script)

Yup, same story title, same page count.

So, now there is a writer credit for that one, too.

And here I thought I had a complete GDB Turok collection, #2-8. Dang! Now I gotta buy #1. My wallet's gonna lose weight!

In any case, this clears up any doubt as to the origin of Turok. Gaylord Du Bois! He created the Young Hawk back-up feature for The Lone Ranger comic book series in 1949, and the Young Hawk one-shot was apparently re-named Turok, quite simply, and the Young Hawk back-up feature continued in The Lone Ranger, while Turok went on to be the third GDB Indian series, under its own title.

(Gaylord Du Bois had previously written another American Indian series under its own title, The Chief, beginning in FC 290, Aug, 1950, with art by John Small. It began its own numbering with issue #2, and changed title to Indian Chief with #3. GDB stories were used through #4. Another writer then took over the series. The rest of the stock of GDB Chief 10-pagers were used mostly in various issues of March of Comics: Indian Chief, with a couple of his backstock stories appearing in sporadic later issues of Indian Chief.)

I see in Overstreet the creation of the Turok series in FC 596 credited to Matthew H. Murphey, and written by artist Alberto Giolitti.

A current eBay auction (280022724600) sez:

The comic was illustrated by Rex Maxon, best known for his work on the TARZAN newspaper strip. it was scripted by Paul S. Newman, Gaylord Dubois. The character was probably created by editor Matt Murphy, but one prominent source that gives this information also says the first writer was Alberto Giolitti who was actually the artist most prominently associated with the character over the years.

Matt Murphy? WRONG!
Paul S. Newman? WRONG!
Alberto Giolitti? WRONG!

Gaylord Du Bois -- RIGHT!

I expect that Grand Comic Book Database will be correcting its entries.

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Date:October 18th, 2006 05:08 am (UTC)

Thanks David

This is brilliant. I have set up a blog on GDB at Gaylorddubois.blogspot.com and would love to have your comments there.

Wendy Hoffman
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